What is in the NAME?

The Intent is Captured in the Sound

Very often there is more in the Name than the Observer is prepared to understand, or the learned student to explain. Every Name carries in it an invisible secret with potent Influential potential. A verbal expression of force that is generated in one’s own self, subtle in its stages of inner working until it gradually moves from formless into form. 

The Name and Titles of this concept started with a definite intent, and is therefore all important; for it is indeed the invisible seed which will either grow to be an all-over-shadowing tree of which the fruits are infused with the nature of the original intent, or the tree will wither and die. These considerations show that the names given to the 3-Fold Structure, are due to no careless selection, but arose from still reflection over their fitness to express both the concept and the intended effects. 

The greatest purpose of ABSOLUTE•Reason is to illuminate the hidden secrets of old. To show the True aspect and original meaning of the Individual and his role within this Dual-Nature, in an effort to fight prejudice, hypocrisy and scams in every nation, in every class of Society, as in every department of life. A laborious and idealistic task, perhaps, but it is neither impracticable nor useless, even if only as a faithful act of devotion to the Liberation of One and All. For an attempt of this nature no better Titles could be found than those chosen. The Rhythmic concepts are set like a ray of light on everything hidden by patriarchy, secret societies and especially by the idiotic and fear-based routine, that makes respectable people turn away from the Potent Sacred Force within. It is indeed a revolutionary light that forces brittle spirits to look Truth straight in the face and realise that they too are divine, good and beautiful.

This effort, although soaked with rebellious character, will be found as nothing more than the age-old assertion of free-will and independent thought. If one would fight prejudice, and brush off the juvenile states of superstition and materialism from the ideals of society, one has to be prepared for opposition. I however as the creative force, am in full awareness of this destined duty and its associated risks, but if I now hesitate to descend into the dark in an effort to protect Dharma from the pit of ignorance created by Clever intellectuals, then I will fail to show the spirit of courage that I so boldly teach to others and I will justly be called a hypocrite of my own principles. 

Secretly everybody hungers after the mysterious. And since ignorance is justly regarded as the chief promoter of spooky superstition, the knowledge of Sanātana Dharma is critical in revealing the true natureofreality. It is my duty, as it is that of physicists — our mission — to throw light on facts in Nature that have until now been surrounded by the darkness of ignorance. 

The same Motive force that empowers my personal self-inquiry, is now the Supreme Cause of all that compels me to share the self-determining, Self-sufficient, self-supported and self-complete – Art of Sacred Physics.

Life is a rhythm • Light is the Music and • YOU are the DANCE.

H.P Blavatsky inspired 


The Supreme All, the ever invisible Spirit and Soul of Nature. 

Changeless and Eternal, can have no attributes 

Wisdom which transcends the ideas of time and space


Raise YourSELF by YourSELF

To Teach the World we need to speak the Language of the World

The Art of Sacred Physics

The Thrill of the Creative Breath of Nature. An Infinitude of Creative Powers, which collectively form the One Eternal Substance 

The Source of appropriate Measures

Cosmic motion (the visible or that which is subject to perception) is finite and periodical.

Ādvaita Cosmic Union

‘Not-Two’ – One Absolute attribute, which is ITSELF eternal and ceaseless

Intra-Cosmic Motion is Eternal and Ceaseless 

The Sacred Union of Diversity