Master of Self in Service to the ONENESS of ALL

Everyday comes with 24 hours renewed, that can be spent in service to others, with Service-Coins (Digital Currency) received in return.

Central Authority Currency systems, and the associated GDP relativities will be Uplifted and Supported by Service-Economics, as the Individual Will have more cash to spend within Centralized Structures such as banks and governments

Concept Overview


Steps taken by Governing Institutions have become more than just meaningless words, as it evolved into blatant propoganda set by the Elite for the Elite. In most recent developments the marriage between politicians and capitalism have morphed uniformity into fascist multiformity, as the decay of dense matter pierce through the masks that mussel the masses. These Elites with their distorted view of attachment to desired outcome – the chief cause of selfishness – declare how they must be viewed “as the most profound and advanced” beings. They constantly push for the ‘lesser’ Individual to escape the misery of life by “putting an end to being” – whether through mobile electronic devices or by the most recent insanity of the metaverse. Inevitably their arrogance will meet matter-misery in the form of mutual pain and suffering. Surely one educated, versed and Governed by the Sacred Laws of Sanātana Dharma, cannot be expected to bend a knee to these fools and their psycho-babbling laws that no longer serve the citizens of Earth?

Ādvaita Cosmic Union is at best described as my ‘fit of audacity’. The audacity to call upon the shared desire for betterment of our lives, to satisfy our inherent will to expand the magnitude of our being in space, and to perpetuate ourselves in time. It is the courageous act of the ultimate idealist to envision an economy based on the ‘4th Way’ as described by Gurdjieff – the Way of Service and not that of oppression. It is a concept to unify the power of the Global Human Psyche with the power of Diverse Individual bodies. Power that is not merely imposed on us, but reclaimed by we the people, on account of remembering the Divine Identity of our Being.

As we identify life activity around function, social life, personal life and the ability to provide and care for ourselves and those we love, we require capital or a commodity of sorts to trade with in order to further better our lives. The global choice of currency is expressed in various economic structures with differences that are aligned and defined by historical affairs – at the end of the day however, it is nothing but paper and didgets empowered by perception and participation.

The conquest approach of discounting the life of another, for the sake of individual success is inverted by the application of Service-Currency. By applying a cooperative and supportive nature to economic trading – through acts of serving those within the local community – the Individual gradually learns to Raise himself by himself.

The Medium of Exchange is the Sacred Commodity of Time. Each Individual on this Globe receives an equal amount of Time-Fractals each day, and returns to nought at the end of that same day. Tomorrow will again offer the same equality and relative opportunity to the Individual, allowing for gradual uplift and progress of mankind.

Just Imagine the Potentials…

Everyday comes with 24 hours renewed, that can be spent in service to others, with Service-Coins (Digital Currency) received in return.

Spend earned Service-Coins within 48hrs of receipt for basic living needs, or earned funds will return to 0-Value.

There is no option to save or share your Service-Currency as this will taint the Sacred Principle of equal opportunity.

The Basics
The Beauty
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