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The Art of Sacred Physics

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Nikola Tesla • New York Herald, December 30, 1900

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Stillness has always been my greatest companion. As soon as I could hold a pencil, I started drawing… and in Stillness I continued to draw. By age 7 it was clear that I would be a “Creative”, and that I have a unique way of observing that which I interact with. I credit the deep Stillness that comes with art, and my christian upbringing to having the well developed spiritual senses, required to honour this call for liberation of all.

I have always been a bit of a spiritual rebel, my wife affectionately calls it “conduct disorder ” lol, what a kind understatement. By 16 I kicked out of Christianity and began my rebellion of breaking through the man-made walls of spiritual patriarchy. Far later in life and through Grace alone, my endless search for Truth introduced me to Vedic Science, on which the logic and teachings of Sacred Physics are based. Having the beauty that is Vedic knowledge; as my governing reference point from which I explore my potential, has been an inward adventure ever since.The relativity of things is the support of things in this world, so best be sure your relativities  are based on Truth and not shades of opinion.

The feathers of night that infuse our daily lives with ignorant, self-serving and perverted leadership, is what lit the fighting flame from deep within me. In Stillness, I recognize the sense of destiny I feel today, from my teenage years. The same Motive force that empowered self-inquiry then, is now the Supreme Cause of all that compels me to share the self-determining, Self-sufficient, self-supported and self-complete – Art of Sacred Physics. 

Deep are the mysteries hidden inside, hidden the secrets of old.
Look at your life for disorder and order your life, Secrets are but knowledge untold.
Conquer by silence the bondage of words, tear open the veil of night.
For only by Knowing can you conquer, only by Knowing can you have light.

Time changes not, but so much of me have changed with the clearing of sight
As I order my words; no longer only whispers in the solitude of night
Outward and right-word of all that is ordered by Law
Liberation for One, Liberation for All 


Chapter 1: Observation Matters

When I look at the world around me, on Nature (Prakrti), I am fascinated with its autopoetic beauty. Each thing I observe, though it may be vanishingly small, is in itself a world, that is, like the whole Cosmos, Energy and Matter governed by law. The Cosmic Law that is life. If however there is anything fitted to make me admire in ceaseless thought and inquiry; it is the Natural Forces at play, in this inconceivable structure, that is the thinking Human Being. This irresistible point of wonder, which performs its innumerable motions of obedience to external influences, urges me to follow my intuition as the harmonious state of who I am is revealed. For only in the search for Truth does my Spirit fall still and my inner fire satisfied. 

In all the perfect harmony of its parts which constitute the material aspect of my being, of all its organs and senses and action, the eye is the most wonderful. It’s the most precious, the most indispensable of my perceptive and directive organs. It is the great gateway through which all knowledge enters my heart and infuses my mind. Of all my organs, it is my sight… my perspective, which is in the most intimate relation with that which I call Reality. 

The coupling forces of Intellect and Intuition evoke creative images and stir parts of my being, which all my other organs are powerless to observe. It is indeed the gift of sight… it is the eye, through which I observe what matters. It is how I conceive, imagine and picture that which governs my relationship with the environment.  Each observed result, becomes the center-impulse of a new departure towards the next discovery. 

Wisdom is Power, and Power is Wisdom.

But all eyes do not see with the same sight and vision. Our lived experience supply us with reference points, from which reason is built, and action justified. In the absence of experience, we reach for secondary knowledge in an effort to gain insight. Bit-by-bit we build our reality. We learn, self-correct, adapt; and continue to strive for greater hights. For centuries mankind has lived. We have thought, discovered, invented and have believed that we are soaring, while we were merely proceeding at a snail’s pace. What begins in falsehood, will forever – remain false.

To divide is to conquer. 
To conquer is our purpose. 
To Control our duty… and to fail our inevitable outcome; 

These reference points for the nature of reality is nothing but a trap, written by the hands of ignorant and perverted men, designed to murder all that is beautiful and joyful within the Creative-Life-Force that is our Sovereign birthright. It nurtures the shady side of our beings, in an elaborate effort to hide the Sacred Technology that is available to us all.

Lost and broken are you, if these falsehoods govern your sight, your perspective and your ultimate reality. 

Chapter 2: the First Pair of Opposites

Just like up cannot exist without down, outside cannot be without inside, so too the visible field cannot be separated from the invisible field. Diverse and opposite; but at the same time ONE. 
Remove one and the other will disappear. 

What was the first pair of opposites created? What are the counterparts that govern this world of duality, and from which all other polarities flow? 

Wisdom is Power and power is Wisdom. One with eachother, perfecting the whole. 

The mainstream Science of matter, is based on the principle of separation. Their operating system of dividing what matters through force and violence, is a prime example of how a small amount of knowledge can become a blinding light. Ignorantly those in charge assemble their allopoetic reality. In doing so they restrict the beauty of our Divinity by convincing us that our inner world is irrelevant and useless,  to the practical mind of a logical person. By observing the world of matter as the only relevant reality, without observing its silent Counterpart, we are in danger of manufacturing and trusting a system, built on delusion, algorithms and games of probability; instead of discovering the all pervading Truth of that which is autopoeticly possible. 

Through the one-sided and limited perspective of modern science, everything has been reduced to unrelated dead matter. This reductive approach, and the dismissal of accepting the existence of the unseen inner-world, has fooled we the people to relate to ourselves as nothing but digital data that can be mapped and sold as raw material. Only a fool observes up without relating it to down.

I refuse to accept the false notion of being a helpless individual. Victim to circumstance and slave to those who hold power over the spirit of division, external force and micro-control. I am Divine and Autopoetic – not a blind and ignorant fool to be controlled by greedy and perverted men – my nature is free and an awareness of this – is a threat to all who do not walk with light.

Regardless of what you have been told, Physical science is not Absolute science. There is a subtle technology within us all, it is potent; Free and Absolute – an inner creative force of Pure Reason that governs all matter through cooperative synchronicity. Your observation of the non-dual divine force that moves in one as it does in all, has never mattered more than now. 

Spirit and Matter as the first pair of opposites created, bring substance and cosmic order to what is molded and formed. And it is only through order and balance, that you can become One with the All.

Chapter 3: Knower of the Field

Nicola Tesla: Companion of Self and master of the Environment

Ch 4 – The Known Field: the Environment

Ch 5 – The Relationship between Parts

Lord of Obstacles 

Many have heard of the Great Lord Ganesha. The Elephant-Headed Hindu Lord who has received increased awareness from various spiritual practices, and is often referred to as the remover of obstacles… OH how easily we are deceived by half-truths. 

All space-time is ordered by law for it is only through order and balance that you can be one with the All. Each so perfected by balancing the other, that neither exist in the oneness of all. Moving in circles, molding Formless into form, Ganesha Lord of Obstacles and Guardian of Dharma, is the great director of magnetic-flow. Lord of Righteousness, Patron of Art and Science, space director through graceful angles and curves. Matter is fluid, like a stream she goes. Only through molding of order, can light come from the chaos of flow.

Science and poetry are the two eyes of one person. A co-relative coupling force that sparks perspective, from the darkness of unobserved potential. As the first pair of opposites created, Energy and Matter live in a deep and wonderful relationship with all of creation. To know these Counterparts as ONE… To observe it – is to believe it. Couple your vision with Natures’ most perfect set, make your ties unbreakable… and become One in the ONENESS of ALL. 

Nicola Tesla 

“In my feeling and experience, the universe has only one substance and one Supreme energy, with an infinite number of manifestations of life.”

Tesla, being both artist and scientist, understood the importance of coupled boundaries in the flow of creation. As Co-creator, he harmonized his wave of vibration, that which binds him to time and space, with the cycles in the atmosphere around him. Ever moved by cause and effect, his ability to adapt to the perpetual change that is life, in a cooperative relationship, unfolded methods of transmuting the energy of the sun, supplied to the atmosphere, in revolutionary ways. Tesla considered it his purpose to harness the forces of nature in service of mankind, by illuminating the whole earth through the technology that comes from the relationship formed between Earth and the child of man. Capitalism, power and greed could never satisfy the desires of one fixed in service. And as those around him began to reject the interconnected state of all that matters, he quietly came to the conclusion that man was not yet ready for the great and good. 

Every person is light, everyone its ray, and the combined frequencies of our individual Will, Knowledge and Action – is what defines the shining fate of our nations. If only mankind could begin to relate to Nature as a moral and spiritual Being. We would learn to harmonize with her perpetual flow of change, and begin to accept the goodness that flows from Her Sacred-Grid. If only we could regain consciousness of the knowledge present in all of space, we can yet again walk with cheer in our hearts and understand that we are gods.

Thankfully Tesla observed and isolated the Creative-Life-Force “frequencies” and conceptualized harmonious principles to apply to our daily lives, in order to offer hope to the Individual who seeks to develop a relationship with the environment. He describes the 4 laws of Creation that become dancing spheres within the environment, as forming a creative rhythm of which numbers and equations become the marking signs. He then proceeds to supply the individual with 10 conditions to Adapt to the infinite expressions of life.

Life is the Rhythm. Light is the Music. And YOU are the DANCE.

Nicola Tesla:

The 4 Laws of Creation

The 4 Laws of Creation 

Tesla describes the 4 laws of Creation that become dancing spheres within the environment, as forming a creative rhythm of which numbers and equations become the marking signs. 

“You are affected by the law, when you cannot understand the law.”

Give me your full awareness dear friend – with pure intent, for to understand requires deep insight, which comes only as a gift of Grace. Concentrate your thoughts on the flow of knowledge as it comprehends truth, and know that understanding comes only once knowledge and Truth are identical in your Being. 

There are various types of knowledge and truth. This is true, that is true, scientific truth, my truth and so it goes on and on. But is everything ultimately true? Contrary to the woke mentality present within today’s society, truth is not what you perceive as true in this empirical world. The whole world is not true. It is not the ultimate Truth. You, the Individual must seek a knowledge which is tuned up with reality and Truth. For unless you know what Truth is; how can you try to identify your knowledge with Truth, or Truth with knowledge. But when the Individual knows what Truth is, then so also he speaks Truth. He who has observed the two, knows that speech should be based on the reality of Being – for only then will it manifest itself as reality. 

In all of space there is only One Supreme and Absolute Truth.  Though seeming divided, it is one in the One Life-Force of all. But to understand this all pervading Creative-Life-Force, to define it – is impossible. Whole and constant. Motionless, yet self-moving. Immaculate, incorruptible and everlasting. You think of things as many, when you view them separate, but when you observe the space between parts, it becomes clear that Creation has only one substance and one Supreme energy, with an infinite number of manifestations of life. 

The Supreme Creative force is indeed the Absolute Reality – Hidden, yet everywhere. 

As the heart and circulation of all of Creation, the ties of the Creative-Life-Force are unbreakable – To see it is to believe it. Into space, the Individual directs and pampers the pervading thought and word that grows in rhythmic frequency. And as if from nothing, a deep and wonderful relationship begins to move formless into form as the effect dutifully follows the cause.  Filled with ideas and embracing knowledge, the Individual begins to tame the unbreakable ties of the 4 Laws, and sets to create new and different relationships in the world, without violating the Natural Order of the ONENESS of ALL. 

Unlimited would be the possession of the Individual who dances to the Rhythmic Relations of Space Herself. 

For as far is space, so far is your Liberation also.

Rhythmic Relations

“Life is a Rhythm that must be comprehended.” 

“Numbers and equations are signs that mark the music of the spheres.”

The following concepts are inspired by Tesla personal writings and interviews.

1(2) – Free Will 

“Electricity I am, I am Electricity in the human form”

Through free will, waves of sound, heat and light form the Biorhythm of the Individual, unfolding currents induced by the loop of Will, Knowledge and Action. As the consciousness of the individual moves further inward towards Sacred Synchronicity, a bundle of light formed from the vacuum created under the law of Sacrifice appears. From deep within the Being the “Rotating Light-Feather”  becomes extremely sensitive to electric and magnetic influences that are aligned with the Biorhythm created by the 3 Fold Nature of the Individual. 

(CreativeWheel Energy = Light Energy)

3 – The Motive-Source: 

An Impulse arises from the Creative-Life-Force 

Source is the all embracing white light, which reflects its shadows of unobserved potential like dark restless water that spills onto the mind of the Individual; waiting to be observed – to matter through willful intent. Everything exists as an idea, and just as it is the nature of mind to think, it’s the nature of the Individual to Create. Continuous, constantly – creating creation. Source is indeed the force that holds all of creation, both energy and Matter, thought and word all supported within the relativity of the Individuals’ center.

“Man as a mass, is urged on by a force. Man however is not an ordinary mass, consisting of spinning atoms and molecules, and containing merely heat-energy. He is a mass possessed of certain higher qualities by reason of the creative principle of life with which he is endowed. His mass, as the water in an ocean wave, is being continuously exchanged, new taking the place of the old. Not only this, but he grows, propagates, and dies, thus altering his mass independently, both in bulk and in density. What is most wonderful of all, he is capable of increasing or diminishing his velocity of movement by the mysterious power he possesses of appropriating more or less energy from another substance and turning it into Motive energy.”  

Nikola Tesla

6 – Unobserved Sleepy-matter 

The True nature of Light, in its unobserved potential, is Darkness

Black is the true face of light – an unidentified Electricity. 

As the line of consciousness, black is the true face of light. An unobserved Electricity in the form of Sleepy-matter. Particles in the Ether, with unlimited potential just waiting to be awakened by the line of observation.  Thought and speech cannot be separated, for matter is devoid of intelligence and are mere reflections of the union between the primal thought and word. The energy of thought is Superior to the chaotic waters of time and space. But It is only from the painful law of Sacrifice, that the inarticulate breath of separation forms the word, which calms the chaotic waters of potentiality. 

“Once created the sound lasts forever, for a man it can vanish but it continues to exist in the silence that is man’s greatest power”

9 – Observation Matters 

Observation of potential by the Individual, brings about the necessity of the light to become a matter of light

“Ether exists and that particles are not what keep the universe in harmony, and that life is eternity.”

A subtle intelligent breath of Sacred and Divine Power holds all relativities in ordered space, allowing for the relationship between Word and Creation to be observed and formed. The fundamental laws of nature harmoniously activate the four elements with the Sacred Trinity of the 3 Energies (Rajas, Sattva and Tamas), Ordering the spheres of Creation, that spring forth from the chaos of observed potential. Because energy is older than matter, matter is an expression of infinite forms of light. If you emotionally tie to them – they will come to you. But the Individual as a condenser must be exactly attuned to the vibrations of the Source in order to awaken the Stationary Electrical waves within. For as much as it would be possible for the Individual to concentrate as a reflector, just as much energy could be accessed and utilized by the Observer in his instrument. 

I am part of the light and its music. It fills my 6 senses

Make your spiritual ear as big as the sky above you, dear friend, and allow your Intuition to lead the dance that is your Creation. 

Nikola Tesla Shows How Men of the Future May Become as gods

By Nikola Tesla: New York Herald, December 30, 1900

“When a child is born, its sense organs are brought in contact with the outer world. The waves of sound, heat and light beat against its feeble body, its sensitive nerve fibers quiver, the muscles contract and relax in obedience—a gasp, a breath, and in this act a wonderful little engine, of inconceivable delicacy and complexity of structure, is hitched to the wheelwork of the universe. Left to itself the engine stops; it has no power to draw energy from Nature’s inexhaustible store.

”The little engine moves and works, changes size and shape, performs more and more varied operations, becomes sensitive to more and more different influences, and now there begins to manifest itself in it a mysterious force. It becomes capable of responding to stimuli of a more subtile nature and of drawing, for its own use, energy from the environment. Gradually the engine has been transformed into a being possessed of intelligence, which perceives, discerns, does like others of its kind.

“The experiences multiply, the knowledge increases, the discernment becomes keener, the human being, responding to the faintest influences, is awakened to the consciousness of Nature and its grandeur, and in its breast there is kindled a desire to imitate Nature, to create, to work itself the wonders it perceives. ”But the exercise of this power does not satisfy the mind, which rises to still higher, undefinable perceptions, not of this world, and inspired by them the artist, the inventor and the man of science give expression to the longing of the soul.

“What can man, with his power of creating, in his striving toward the ideal, produce; what result can he attain which would be of the greatest consequence in this universe, his greatest achievement? A scientific idea which I advanced nearly two years ago in an unpublished address may serve to answer this question, form a point of view likely to be taken by an inventor or engineer.

”According to the adopted theory, first clearly formulated by Lord Kelvin, all matter is composed of a primary substance of inconceivable tenuity, vaguely designated by the word “ether.” The atom of an elementary body is differentiated from the rest of this substance, which fills all space, merely by movement, as a small whirl of water would be in a calm lake.

“All matter, then, is merely whirling ether. By being set in movement, ether becomes matter perceptible to our senses; the movement arrested, the primary substance reverts to its normal state and becomes imperceptible. If this theory of the constitution of matter is not merely a beautiful conception, which in its essence is contained in the old philosophy of the Vedas, but a physical truth, then if the ether whirl or atom be shattered by impact or slowed down and arrested by cold, any material, whatever it be, would vanish into seeming nothingness, and, conversely, if the ether be set in movement by some force, matter would again form. Thus, by the help of a refrigerating machine or other means for arresting ether movement and an electrical or other force of great intensity for forming ether whirls, it appears possible for man to annihilate or to create at his will all we are able to perceive by our tactile sense.

”This conclusion, though startling, is not contradictory to the adopted doctrine of the indestructibility of matter, and in the light of modern views it may be considered as a scientific possibility. It does not require the exercise of great powers of imagination to conceive that by harnessing the sun’s energy and making his machines self-acting these processes of creation and annihilation might be made to go on without human intervention other than the control. “Could he do this, man would then have god-like power, for he could create any kind of material substance, of any size and shape, seemingly out of nothing, and he could make all perceptible substance revert to its primary form, lose itself forever in the universe.

”At his command, almost without an effort on his part, worlds would be born. This, according to my ideas, would be the grandest feat which might be performed by man, the most consequential, his greatest achievement.“