A foundation of relativities that offer and maintain stability to the Seeker of Truth

Developing the Individual with Sacred Reason

Know Thy Self

The Mentorship Program focuses on teaching Spiritual Science through the Eternal Laws that Govern Life, by which the Individual can discover the True Nature of Reality.

The following offers a baseline of knowledge extracted from MYSTIC TEXTS, creatively composed in a fashion that is relative to the modern and western mindset present today.

The Relationship between the Individual and the Environment which brings about the gradual conversion of Metaphysics to Physics is systematically revealed, whilst still honoring the need for the Seeker to discover Truth for himself; through personal experience and not through memory games of Ideological content. As the mirror shines in sunlight, a description of the 3-Fold Nature of man (Will•Knowledge•Action) assists in understanding how the Individual assumes selfhood by the transference of the Self into itself. It is a foundation of relativities that offer and maintain stability to the Seeker of Truth. Furthermore, Spirit and Matter as the first pair created within this Dual-Nature are studied not as independent realities, but as the Two-Eyes of Absolute Being, which constitute the basis of Conditioned Being – whether subjective or objective.

Through the application of steganography (a page within a page), it was revealed that Nikola Tesla experimented with The Art of Sacred Physics as was taught to him by Tibetan Masters, and it is with this awareness that Tesla writings are referred to when explaining the transmutation of formless into form.

Understanding the development of what shapes you
Daily Toolkit
Guiding Concepts
The Process of Enquiry that gradually reveals Truth to the Individual 

“Dialectic, then, as you will agree, is the coping-stone of the sciences, and is set over them; no other science can be placed higher – the nature of knowledge can no further go.”

Dialectic is an Ancient Tool
The Push-Pull Technique of Dialectic
The importance of REASON
‘my truth’ is irrelevant in the pursuit of Absolute Truth