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Fun brings the Sun

From the Author: jONE

RISE! Sacred Fire from Within

This work I dedicate to all True Philosophers. Who within the ONENESS of ALL called forth the Will, Knowledge and Action recorded within the great Ākash; from which these written teachings flow.

The Truth observed within these pages are in no sense a revelation, for what is written as concepts are scattered across religious and spiritual scriptures found across the globe. It is a coming together of hidden sacred Knowledge that when absorbed by the Individual, reveals the Potent Power of Wisdom, accessible to those willing to move inward. What is attempted here, is the harmonizing of what I have been taught by great teachers and personal experience, in an effort to offer a solid foundation from which the reader can explore the True Nature of Reality. 

The illuminating nature of the knowledge revealed stands as a testament of the all pervading ONENESS of ALL, from which all religions flowed into the eyes and hearts of mankind… and now once more return as the rising Sun to reveal Truth as it governs all that is within time and space. This “working-hypothesis” is in no sense an effort to receive approval from institutionalized dogmatic authority, as I am fully aware of the lack of interest from professional white-coats to explore the silent Counterpart of matter, which is Spirit. The world of today, with its endless consumerism and its mad career towards merging man with machine, paralyzes the Soul with fear-based conditioning by convincing mankind that they are helpless and hopeless without the governance of Centralized political and capitalistic elites.

This coming together of Ancient Concepts is my sincere and true effort to reveal to mankind the fundamental unity of our diversity, to remind us of our Sovereign birthright as Co-creators within the polarities of the Cosmos and to inspire reform through practical experience. Ultimately what is spoken here is very old news passed on by Masters who intuitively guarded and guided these disciplines as a stimulus for Virtue in a time where the degradation of humanity is at a critical tipping point.

I, the author of these sentences and consumer of the Great Ākash, am empowered and compelled to reveal the hidden secrets of old. And as the few Truths spoken here may be limited in words, the concepts reach far into the depths of mankind’s origin and the treasure revealed by this thread, will no longer be kept in dark corners of secret societies and mystery schools.

I will be content if any degree of this fixed intent is achieved, in honour and celebration of those who came before and with hope for those yet to come into Being.

There is indeed no religion, no science and no artificial intelligence that is higher than Truth.

HP Blavatsky inspired

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